I Heart September

I love September because....

There are 4 out of 7 from my siblings celebrate their birthday (including me *wink wink*)

Azlin Hezri (my older sister) - 5 Sept 1976
Eddy Sahrizan (my big brother) - 11 Sept 1979
Me - 24 Sept 1982
Siti Norfalisha (my younger sister) - 19 Sept 1984

Since October 2008, I love September more....

Mohd Izhar (my habi) - 4 Sept 1980

Eventho you always make fun of me, I love you even more as days passes by

And I really don't know why...

Maybe because you are my husband & i'm your super nice wife =B

* balas dendam taknak bg apa2 or belanja apa2 on his birthday bisa? hohohh =p

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