I Feel Sick!

Ohh mannnn....

I was hoping that this morning I would feel much more better than yesterday. But at the moment, I am having a slight headache & my body is aching everywhere. This is the most terrible feeling so far I had experience in 2012. What does this mean guys?

Maybe this is the first symptoms as my hormone starts to changing. If I am pregnant lah. I'm not sure. Or maybe I need a supplement for an energy booster. I am going to be on my 30's this year. Is this one of the bad symptoms that I have to experience?

I should be happy actually because today is my boss last day of working before she will be out of office performing her Umrah. But sadly my health is worsened & I'm totally not in a cheerful mood.

I was thinking if my condition would be better for my trip to Pulau Perhentian by end of the month. Maybe at that time I will experience my morning sickness badly.

Ohhh mannnn.....T___T

I feel sick!

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